Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why I'm here

I've decided to start by starting.

Why am I here? The post where I try to answer that question so that possibly someone reading this blog might answer same.

Two years ago I was living on the east coast and working in software development: writing code, managing teams, managing customers, writing status reports, writing proposals. Writing, writing, writing. And talking, talking, talking. A lot. All day.

Twenty-one months ago I started my biggest project ever by having a little baby girl named Rylee. Four months after that we moved from the east coast to Tucson, AZ. And I quit my job (obviously). Because there's nothing like piling on a whole bunch of life changes in one huge triple-decker life sandwich!

So, nice bit of background but still no answer. Why am I here?

The biggest reason - to get the words out. Leaving my job to be full-time at home with my daughter was the right decision, continues to be a huge blessing and I wouldn't change it. But boy, did it create a word surplus inside my poor, overtaxed mommy brain. So reason #1 why I'm here - just to get some of those words and thoughts out of my  head and send them off into space. To a black hole? To a bunch of blog followers? I don't know and right know don't really care. I just need them OUT. Out, out, out of my head.

Secondly, trolling around the internet trying to fill the adult interaction deficit also created by my career change I've found a community of nifty bloggers generously sharing information and forming friendships. Like my friend Amanda who I met when I was looking for a pattern for a vendor apron and stumbled on her cool blog and cool self. I want to be a cool girl, too. And pay it forward if I can by sharing what knowledge I have that might be useful. I've been told I'm a good cook and throw a mean party, so you might find cooking tips, recipes and hostessing info here.

Third, a vendor apron? What? Well, along with the word surplus and interaction deficit I also ended up with a lack of creative outlet and I started sewing. First for my daughter and then (ostensibly) for other people's daughters. And now, possibly for myself.  Since I can't stop building things, I've started a wee business selling girls' clothing. It means getting my Etsy house in order and figuring out how serious I am, but I hope this blog will promote that business as well.

And finally (only because I'm tired of writing. I could probably come up with fifteen more reasons) I'd like some accountability to myself. I walk around with not just homeless words spinning around, but ideas, plans, goals and the like. Having a place to write them down, track them a little and possibly share them with readers will help me keep them straight and make them more concrete.

So what can you expect if you're reading this blog? A little sewing, a little cooking, a little entertaining, a LOT of my daughter (hey, it's what I do all day). Tutorials if I think what I've got to say is worthwhile. Hopefully some humor if I can find my funny. And anything else I can think of.

There. I started. Let's see where it goes.


Mooreganics said...

Love it Lynn. AND yes you are an awesome cook and hostess! I look forward to reading your blog.

Mary said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Lynn!
I've been thinking about resurrecting my blog, that went dormant when I went to grad school- the opposite of your adult word deficit. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to reading yours!