Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I iz dum

Rylee has been getting up at 

(actually earlier, but pictures from that time are all black).

This makes her

and me

Not a great combo. Today I finally got a chance to sew the blackout curtains that I am praying will help. I couldn't last night because, well, Lost was on. And some things are more important than sleep.

Well, the lack of sleep also clearly makes me

only with darker hair.

Upon unpacking the lovely plaid fabric from yesterday's happy package I discover I have just enough fabric to sew the curtains. Clearly I made a mistake somewhere because I never get just enough fabric for any project. Usually it's at least 1.5 x (just enough fabric). But the amount is still workable. I have enough to make the hang tabs, but I have to make them with less fabric than I prefer which requires precision ironing instead of lazy ironing. 

I then discover that I should really write things down when I'm this tired and befuddled, because even after carefully (I thought) measuring the fabric I still end up with one curtain that is significantly longer than the other. And because of the way I sewed in the liner (*) I have to do some difficult fiddling to get them the same length. The blackout liner is heavy and that makes the fiddling and manipulating that much harder. 

A good 15 minutes spent alternately getting the logic and then the arithmetic wrong before I finally manage to get the tabs nicely spaced and sewn on.  

And after fretting that they would be too short because of the fabric mistake they are at least four inches below the bottom of the window. All my mistakes added up together to make the finished product what I wanted in the first place. Serendipitous stupidity sums spectacularly. Or something.   

So here's hoping.

Finished product, ready for Little Miss to dream sweet dreams until morning. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. 

And here's a bonus of a goofball who wandered in and noticed me using the flash and so of course immediately started vogueing. 

(*) Because of the plastic coating the liner can only be sewn as part of a fabric "sandwich." Otherwise it just won't move through the machine. I had planned to sew it about 1" from the top on both sides and use that to line up the upper hem. But when I discovered that I couldn't sew it that easily I folded over one edge of the side to make the "sandwich." Since I was too lazy and dum to pin at that point it sewed in a little crooked. So lining up the hems was harder than it needed to be.  It was also at this point that I pitched the idea of doing a tutorial.

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