Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I say more than I realize

Everyone should have this handy aid to help determine phrases they say over and over.

Starting with my favorites and working down.

1. Hmmm....let's see (complete with uuuup then dooooown inflection)
2. Mmmm....tasty!
3. Come on, let's go.
4. Look! See?
5. In a minute.
6. In a second
7. Quiet, dogs!
8. Careful.
9. Here you go.

1 comment:

Sister said...

This reminded me of Sandra Betzina's #1 phrase, "Do you see?" She said that repeatedly, obviously because she teaches a lot. I found myself using it in conversation over the weekend - gotta break that habit. I also say, "blah blah blah, yes?" with an up inflection, because that's what Chef Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares says all the time.