Thursday, March 11, 2010

Optimism, Reconciliation and Revelation

Last night was the grand deployment of Rylee's new curtains. I choose to ignore the fact that she got up twice around 1 AM since it was dark at the time and she probably would have done that anyway. She woke up at 6 AM, squawked a few times and went soundly back to sleep until 7 AM. The household has adopted a position of cautious optimism.

I tried on the first skirt draft again and got Eric's opinion on it. He likes it as it is, but we both agree I should wear a shirt over it rather than tucked in. I had it tucked in to evaluate the waistband, but it's not how I would actually wear it. And I've reconciled myself to the dimensions. They are correct if horrifying. I think the only real problem is the small open part at the waistband from the zipper seam allowance being too big.  I'm going to sew another one from my cheap black twill and fix the zipper problem. If I like the look of that draft then I'll be cutting into my real fabric to try to make the March 20th deadline.

The big reveal of the fabric I chose for the skirt! This was tough and I'm still not sure if I got it right. It might be too busy for a skirt, but it's so lovely I think it will work with a simple solid top. Happily, my "practice" knit fabric just happens to include solids to match this twill. If that's still too busy, I'll re-work it into something for Rylee or a dust rag or a diaper case or hat for the dog or something.

Amy Butler Nigella Twill Passion Vine Grey

Yummy. It's a 100% cotton, medium-weight twill. The hand is buttery soft. It's just lovely. It's softer than my practice twill, so the drape will probably be even prettier. I got two yards so I could play with the mother/daughter outfit idea. I was thinking maybe a jumper for Rylee, but that's a post for another day.


Kitschy Coo said...

Loves it. It'll be a great skirt.

Congrats on a 7AM wake up, long may it continue!

Mary said...

I think it'll make a gorgeous skirt!

And congrats on the 7 AM sleep-in. When Torri was about 2 I taught her to tell time. I gave her an analog clock and told her she had to stay in her bed until the little hand got to the dot at the 7. She could read or play quietly on her bed, but she had to let me sleep. That worked, too, but I'm thinking Rylee may still be a bit young for that approach.