Friday, March 12, 2010

Paralyzed by perfectionism

I don't have a permanent place to sew right now. I can choose between having a mess all over the kitchen island or toting my machines back and forth from island to storage.

Part of the reason for this is I can't seem to decide what type of setup I would like.

But I think I might be ready to pull the trigger on this.


Kitschy Coo said...

If you get that we can't be friends anymore. I have to haul my machines out everytime I sew, I use a tiny end table as my surface and everytime I switch between regular machine and serger I have to take one of the table and put the other on because it only has room for one.

Virginia said...

What company is this?

auntninn said...

@Virginia - it's Koala Studios. They are expensive, which is the other reason I'm having trouble committing. But they are also more like real furniture than most cabinets you can find.

@Amanda - I would be so sad if you wouldn't be my friend anymore because of my disability. See, I am old and unskilled so I can't sew on a little table and turn out cute stuff. And my back and feet can't handle sitting at the kitchen island with my legs dangling.

Sister said...

Hi Lynn - just found your blog & am enjoying it. Have you checked out the Sauder sewing table for $115 at I reviewed it on & lots of other women like it as well. Looks like furniture (well, cheap furniture) & is sturdy. Just a thought - I agonized over this too. Good luck! Lynn from Alabama

auntninn said...

@Lynn - I hadn't looked at it. I'll check it out. Thanks!