Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol, The Home Game

Life is too short to spend your leisure time doing something boring. So why are Eric and I watching American Idol this year, even though it's the most booooooring seaaaaaason eeeeeveeeeer? Because a few seasons back we spiced it up by creating The Game.

We started betting on American Idol. Loser buys Winner dinner out of their allowance money and - of course  - Winner gets bragging rights all year.

The Rules
1. Starting with the top 12 each player predicts the order the Idols will be booted.

2. After the results each week a player receives a number of points equal to the difference between their prediction and the actual week # of the booted Idol. Example: If player predicts Pitchy Nopipes will go home week 5 and Pitchy actually goes home week 7 player receives 2 points.  Similarly, if Pitchy makes it to week 4 player receives 1 point.

For math geeks that looks like this:

3. Low score wins.

4. BONUS:  Each week after the performance show players select the Idol they think will be going home based on that night's performance. In the case of an accurate guess the opposing player receives a point. Doubling down on an initial pick is permitted. This also presents a strategic opportunity for a player to hedge a bad initial pick. This rule was introduced to keep things interesting when it becomes apparent that one player's victory is mathematically assured very early in the season. Also known as the Katherine-McPhee-is-a-talentless-hack-who-ruined-my day rule.

The Results
We started this four seasons ago and it's Very Serious Business in the auntninn household. The score stands at 2-2. We've decided this year is the last year to watch because it's so boring and because Simon's leaving will render future seasons even MORE boring. So this one is for all the marbles. 

We missed half of the 12 Idol week due to a DVR malfunction. We did our picks this week. Picks are listed from winner down, i.e. first position = first place, and they are as follows:

Lynn's Picks
1.  Aaron
2. Lee
3. Michael
4. Sibohan
5. Crystal ( < ---- Note, I think she has the most talent and therefore no chance of winning)
6. Casey
7. Katie
8. Didi
9. Andrew
10. Tim
11. Paige

Eric's Picks
1. Siobhan 
2. Crystal
3. Michael
4. Lee
5. Aaron
6. Casey
7. Katie
8. Didi
9. Tim
10. Andrew
11. Paige

Because this year's Idols are so bad and picking our order was more difficult than usual we decided to introduce a random pick and see how that did against us. We'll randomly generate a bonus pick each week.

Randomly Generated Pick
1. Aaron
2. Mike
3. Crystal
4. Didi
5. Tim
6. Casey
7. Lee
8. Paige
9. Sibohan
10. Andrew
11. Katie

Game on!

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Sister said...

Oooh, you're the only other Idolmaniac I know! It IS so boring this year, isn't it? I consider it a waste of my time till we get to the top 5 maybe...I predict Siobhan, Crystal, Big Mike, Lee (I hope), and Didi/Aaron. Plus maybe Casey. But none can dance or show personality in the group numbers for some reason...