Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupid Lunar Calendar

This is Rylee last Easter.

She was wearing something else and spilled on it so I changed her into this. A hand-me-down pinafore over a cotton one piece.

I'm so glad she spilled because this outfit just screamed Easter and springtime. You can better see the one-piece, and her buddy Finn gathering information on the wisdom of putting your finger in someone else's mouth, here.

Now that the skirt for the sew-along is complete (pictures soon) I thought I should make something for her for Easter. I wasn't sewing last year at this time.  I was getting excited, doing some shopping on etsy, drooling over fabrics. I even made a little crayon sketch on her kids' menu at lunch the other day. And then I looked at the calendar. Crap.  No time to order new fabric AND come up with a new design. Probably no time to order fabric even for an existing design. Next year I have until April 24th, but not this year.

That means fabric on hand. I'm thinking a jumper and a hat from my final skirt fabric . It's cute, has a spring feel, and she can get more wear out of it.  So here goes nothing.

Because I'd love to have another picture that I love as much as this one.


Mary said...

I have to agree with you on that final picture. It's precious!

Question on the skirt>>>Easter dress fabric: Are you sure the print isn't too large, especially for the hat/bonnet? It's hard to tell from the picture you posted. You may want to find a coordinating solid for the hat & accent it with an applique from the fabric, if the pattern/repeat don't work for the hat. Good luck! We'll be watching for pictures!

auntninn said...

Mary, the print might be a little big. I'll have to look at it on her body. Although I like the idea of a big, flowery print like an old lady's hat. :)

Kitschy Coo said...

That truly is a beautiful picture. I think the fabric will work, go for it!