Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being productive while wasting time

My fabric stash has been niggling at me, partly because it's so full of random junk that I'm not sure where to even start with sorting out projects. So I sat in front of American Idol tonight and finally organized it.

Here are the categories:
1. Stuff I have plans for (smallest pile)
2. Fat quarters and scraps about that big or slightly bigger
3. Blenders
4. Prints I think might sell and I have enough for one project
5. Prints I think might sell and I have enough for multiple projects
6. Knits
7. Twill
8. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this but I like it
9. Why the heck did I ever buy this?
10. Fabric already cut up for crayon rolls and reusable sandwich bags
11. Specialty fabrics
12. Cold weather fabric, I'll deal with it later (a very small pile) 
13. Christmas/seasonal

Not kidding. Those are the actual categories. My planning and organizing muscle is so gone right now...  At least it's better than three big bins of everything.

And if Crystal doesn't go home next week I'm definitely going to lose our home game. I had greater faith than was justified that tweens would vote for Aaron. Poop.


Kitschy Coo said...

That's roughly how I organise mine as well! Although it gets disorganised again roughly every week...

Sister said...

You know Crystal's not goin' home next week! I'm thinking Casey's got more fans than Lee right now, but one of them's definitely leaving next week.

auntninn said...

@Sister - I know, dang it. I'm screwed on the home game. I rolled the dice that the most talented person would go home about 5th (as usual) and that the tweeny-boppers would vote Aaron to win it. I think I'm going to lose, which means I lose the series 3-2.