Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Somebody get this thing off me!

I'm currently being crushed by a heavy weight, pressed down and completely immobilized. It presses down my shoulders, rendering me an inert lump. I shackles my hands, keeping me from cutting, pinning, drafting or sewing.

What is it?

It's the overwhelming volume of all the ideas I have right now. There are so many that I can't focus on any one at a time. It's sewing ADD.

I want to sew-along with the Cool Girls Club, but I'm pretty sure I need a full-bust adjustment on my t-shirt. Throw that on the to-do pile. I'm trying to think of patterns that will sell, so that gets slapped on, too.

Rylee has very few things sewn by me, in spite of all the sewing hoopla I've whipped up around me. But what should I make for her? I'd love to make everything she wears, where to start? I want to copy about everything I put on her these days so add those half-baked ideas to the heap. I have four or five patterns that aren't even opened. Should I sew them as is? Alter them? What fabrics anyway?

Not that this indecisiveness keeps me from buying fabrics. Oh, no. Must keep buying everything that strikes my fancy! And have those fabrics sit and say "What shall we do together?" And take sewing classes because they're "free" (included) and that loads me up with ideas.

And I sit and do...Not. One. Thing.

This is so not me. I'm a planner, a list-maker, a doer and executer. Steps one through five, I get them done and move on. I'm bold, decisive. Franklin Planner in hand, I bang out those to-do items.

I can blame sleep deprivation for at least some of it. Higher order mental skills are the first to go, or so I hear. But I wonder sometimes if something is fundamentally changed by all this SAHM business.Or maybe just the mom business. Can I get it back? Do I want it back? Maybe just some of it?

And so it goes...


Mooreganics said...

Lynn I feel as if you are reading my mind! I can so relate to you...I swear if I went into the doctor this moment I would be diagnosed with A.D.D.

My previous life (b4 kids) was spent organizing and planning a variety of work related activities; oh and I could remember things without even one post-it note. Now I feel as if my brain is mush with the occasional idea that flutters into my skull only to be whisked away by one of the multitude of SAHM duties.

Will we get "it" back? Eventually I am sure. But until then I have to count my blessings and learn to calm myself and just be in the present. These years are flying by much too fast.

KID, MD said...

I think it comes with that fact that deep in our SAHM hearts we know that planning is futile and that as soon as we make a firm goal, someone will throw up on it. Welcome to the club!

My word verification is "damme". I think that speaks for itself.

Sister said...

I had a little bit of overwhelminess (I have coined a medical term) recently and forced myself to stop buying fabrics, stay out of the fabric store unless it was for an actual needed notion, and list my top 3 projects to get done. I also put the other stuff in a drawer so it wouldn't nag me. You'll overcome - hang in there!