Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting on with it

After Wednesday's whine I looked over a bunch of patterns to try to decide what to make for Rylee's birthday. I spent one hour doing this and did not arrive at a decision. More of the same.

So I decided today was the day to get back on the horse, one way or another. I was determined to sew something, anything.  And it ended up being this:

It's vegbee's peasant top lengthened to a dress with Kitschy Coo's double elastic neckline modification. Because coming up with my own ideas or - heaven forbid - following a big-four pattern was beyond my capability.

Rylee cooperated by taking a decent two-hour nap. The downside is I did the length and the neckline by guessing. It was about 3" too long and too big through the chest and neck. I shortened it and took in the elastic a little bit. It's still too big but I've been wanting a simple shift to pull over her when we come in from swimming. There's usually only an hour before her bath and it's a pain to get her dressed all over again. It works for that.

I made a few changes and sewed up another one. This time I didn't finish the neckline (duh!) and I'll try it on her tomorrow.

Hoping this is the boot to the behind I needed. And besides, a busy mommy needs something comfy.


KID, MD said...

She's so cute! The dress looks perfect. Cute but still comfy enough to run around.

Mary said...

She's adorable! Good for you getting over the block. Wish I could get away with something like this.

I haven't gotten anything sewing related done lately, not even blogging the finished projects, except I did make some progress in organizing my sewing room. Couldn't have anything to do with the next two projects being 1)stuffing the body doubles MY daughter & I made, and 2) Tudor garb for Renn Faires, could it?

Wait, there IS something simple like Rylee's dress! (The shift/underdress) Just nowhere near as cute!