Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing machine class, lessons learned

I took the 2nd of the two "free" classes for my sewing machine today. I say "free" in big, fat scare quotes because Costco has virtually the same machine for 1/3 what I paid at The Official Sewing Ladies Spend Your Life Savings Store. I did not know that when I purchased it, so I'm wringing as much "free" stuff out as I can.

Here's my take-home paper, ready to proudly display on the fridge.

And I learned

1. All about bobbin thread and how it will make decorative stitching much nicer. And also that they sell it right there at the store where I took the class!

2. Stabilizer is necessary for decorative stitching. It comes in several types. And also that they sell it right there at the store where I took the class!

3. Twin needles are super fun, although some stitches are better suited for it than others. And some old biddies need LOTS of reminders to adjust stitch width to keep from breaking off twin needles. And also that they sell twin needles at the store where I took the class!

4. Wing needles are not that scary and also that they sell them right there at the store where I took the class! But I didn't buy one this time, because I was afraid of something like this:

Wing Needle: WhoOOOOooo hooooo
Lynn: What's that?
WN: It's me, your wing needle. The one you bought at the "free" class.
Lynn: What do you want?
WN: Shouldn't we be doing all kinds of cool things? Get on the stick, lady!
Lynn: Look, Wing Needle, get off my back. I don't need it from you, too.

Because in spite of all this new knowledge I still don't really feel like sewing. I cleaned off the kitchen island (cutting and thinking space) today, though, so I'm hoping that will improve.


Kitschy Coo said...

What is a wing needle? Never even heard of one...

My machine has a billion decorative stitches and I never, ever use them. Ever.

auntninn said...

It's a needle with little wedge things on the side. It pierces the fabric when you do repetitive stitches for lacy, heirloom looking decoration. Kind of nifty, not sure if I would use it.

And I don't use my fancy stitches, either. I'm not sure if I will after this, although she did show me one that makes a pretty ribbon casing. I might try that.

Sister said...

I LMAO (did I say that right?) at this post, because when I did the Sandra Betzina thing at a store, they really PUSHED you to BUY some stuff (and there I thought all supplies were included in the registration fee - what planet was I on?). Too funny - but I hope you did learn something about your machine that was useful.

auntninn said...

Sister, one of the instructors kind of laughingly told us that they let people come to the serger "open house" for free. You can try out sergers. She said "We know you'll want one then" At least it was honest. :)