Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool Girl T-shirt, second muslin

One day late for the final and I'm still on my second draft. It's sewn up without neckband or hemming. Alas and alack. And oh well.

This one was actually worth sewing up, although there are still a few things wrong with it. These pictures were very difficult to get because a) Eric is not the world's greatest photographer to begin with and it didn't help that b) he couldn't stop giggling about the face detection finding...the "armholes" But I soldier on.

Here's the plain front view. Not a bad fit, but not the nicest t-shirt in my closet, either. I think the armholes are too low. The first ones were too high so I'm a bit at a loss...

It also feels like the ease that is in the t-shirt at the armhole should be in the sleeve and not the shirt itself. Even with the wrinkle it's pulling majorly under the armpit. Maybe getting the armhole correct would fix that? 

Arms-up reveals how the armholes are a little weird and something going on in the shoulders. I'm not enough of a seamstress to know what other than "those shoulders sure look lumpy!" I think maybe they're too wide?

At the very least I'm going to redraft the sleeves, because I lost an inch at the opening when I squared the corners and did the curves. They fit now, but I'm afraid they will be a bit tight when I roll them under for a hem.

Oh, and more pleased than ever with the haircut because this dire styling is from washing it, combing it and then going swimming twice without combing it. Not bad!


Kitschy Coo said...

Not bad at all! The sleeve / bust conundrum is the same as mine though, and I'm still not sure how to fix... I'm going to try something else tonight though so I'll report back :)

auntninn said...

Amanda, I was hoping either you or Katie would be able to tell me what to do. :)

Sister said...

I'll be watching, because my Jalie Tshirt has issues in the exact same place! Looks very similar to your style, actually!

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