Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Butterfly Mini-Mod

I felt like sewing this weekend and even found myself with a nice bit of nap time to do it.  I made another Butterfly Kitschy Coo Mini-Mod Dress. (Since the lovely Amanda is on holiday I can't link directly to the pattern in her Etsy shop, but it's one of my FAVORITE dresses to make for sun dresses or layering.)

It was only after I cut it out that I realized this would be Rylee's second in the butterfly genre. But the first one was black with jewel tones. So.

This one is pink, lavender and brown. And has ladybugs. And I did the middle panel as an outtie rather than an innie. So am I boring and repetitive? Perhaps. But oh well.

I wanted to try something new, so I did the facings right way out just to see what it would look like. It looks cute!

And since a) I'm spatially challenged and b) I only had naptime I didn't try to puzzle out beforehand a new way to do the back since the facings would now be "inside out" in back. So there's just a teeny, not-very-professional twist in back where I folded the back slit over to hide the raw, serged edge. You can't see it and I think it looks fine.

A little girl's sundress. Not for the Grammies red carpet or anything. :-)


KID, MD said...

Way cute! I like it with the turned out facings. Fun!

Kitschy Coo said...

I like the facing out very much!I think to get the back right (and it's hard without one in front of me to confirm!), you'd:
1. Sew up the back seam, including top stitching the seam allowances down at the slit
2. Press the facing, including bits at the side that will sit at the slit
3. When you sew on the facing, sew only along the neckline and when you get close to the slit, fold the pressed edge so you catch it in the stitches and it has a nice neat edge
4. Flip to the right side and topstitch along the slit (also could insert the button loop now if you hadn't already)and the bottom edge as you would normally.

Does that sounds right? *scratches head*

auntninn said...

Amanda, I think that would work. It sounds right to me but as I mentioned - spatially challenged. :) I'd have to actually have one and fold it to be sure. But I think I might make another one with facings out because it makes for a really fun look.

Sister said...

So cute!