Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monkeys, and dots and bugs

Oh, my!

I made two dresses for Rylee, both sample dresses of items I intend to post to Etsy. It's a simple contrast yoke dress, but I made the back a little wider and sewed in some elastic. Buttons and the way stupid CPSIA don't mix. So this goes over a little round head and still fits nicely in the back.

Between you and me, the elastic looks a little wonky on the monkey dress (first attempt) and better on the ladybug dress (second attempt). I sewed clear elastic inside the yoke as I was finishing it and I like the result. I need to practice to get it even so the ones I sell are PERFECT.

I sewed one with elastic sleeves.

And one with flutter sleeves.

And I *really* need to re-take pictures of the ladybug dress in the morning light. Cause even with Photoshop...yeesh. And yellow is pretty unforgiving.

I'm also going to really try to get my favorite model to cooperate, too.

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Sister said...

Wow - I especially love the ladybug dress - those colors pop! (Maybe that's the photoshop?) If I had a little girl I'd definitely order one.