Thursday, June 24, 2010

Purple Funks and tiny lumps

I haven't felt like blogging because I've been in a deep blue funk. So deep it's purple. I'm not sure if I can even blog about it, but it concerns the loss of self, identity and life that comes from having a baby, quitting your job and moving thousands of miles all at once.

Anyway. I did have something nice to blog about but couldn't get a picture.

Faith and patience have paid off for mommy hummingbird. Eric had the ladder out so I carefully climbed up and took a peek into the nest. It contains an egg the size of a jellybean and a little brown lump, softly dusted with feathers and breathing lightly.

The lump is much larger than the egg so it's either the empty shell or one that sadly won't hatch.

I'll keep trying to get better pictures.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the pics! You have not lost your identity so much as you have given up one to develop another. So far, I see a rich life filled with new and wonderful experiences, combined with a major reality check. I do understand - being home alone with Noe and Gil, leaving teaching... hard enough without moving far, far away. But you are on a great adventure - and I know it has a happy ending! -Lee

Sister said...

Oh, I felt this way after my first one when we moved away from family - it sucked! It eventually got better, so hang in there. Cool on the hummingbaby too!