Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Model in motion

We finally had Rylee's postponed birthday party and it was a blast! And I even got a few pictures of her birthday outfit before she spent the rest of the party in a bathing suit. I should probably quit making special outfits for her party since they're always pool parties.

Mommy got the gift of catching her playing with her handmade tea set. We've had a few impromptu parties with it and she will seek it out on her own. Score!

Although I love to bake and even showoff by creating the fanciest desserts my skills can muster, this year's cake was made with the guest of honor in mind. Behold, the cake that love baked.

And here's the good side of having her in her bathing suit instead of her fancy birthday clothing by the time cake rolls around.

Alas, she had a 2nd piece after being changed into dry clothing and in spite of mommy's careful pre-treating the new top came out of the washer with mysterious blue dye stains. :-(  I washed it once and it came out with no stains but some ground in dirt, so I tossed it back in with a second load. I'm not sure if there was frosting left over from the Backyardigans cake or something in the second load that stained it. Bummer!

So far the stain treating is promising, so maybe this won't be the last picture I have of it unstained.


KID, MD said...

So cute!! Looks like a successful event, and I'm so glad she liked her tea set. Those kids... You just never know.

Sister said...

Beautiful outfit! Hooray for the tea set!

Kitschy Coo said...

It looks lovely, the top in particular is super pretty! Crossing my fingers that the stain treatment works :)

OH, BTW, my mom does have HBO so I did see True Blood. It was great, save for the watching graphic sex with my parents bit.