Friday, June 11, 2010

Modeled dresses

Rylee has croup. It's the sickest she's ever been and what's really crummy is her birthday party was supposed to be tomorrow. Postponing is the pits!

We got to the doctor yesterday and the steroids they gave her are making her feel much better. Before she was struck down with fever and wheezing I was able to persuade her to model the two dresses I made to sell.

The monkey is my favorite. The kind of print I would buy five times before I bought ladybugs. I have a bunch of it. But I already sold a ladybug one just from my blog post and I predict it will sell much better.


KID, MD said...

She's such a cutie!! I hope she's feeling better soon. I love them both, but I favor the monkeys, too.

Sister said...

She looks so cute - were the red cheeks in the last 2 pics from getting sick or from playing? (See, I'm a doctor, I notice stuff like that! Now you'll tell me her cheeks are always red.)

auntninn said...

Thanks so much! And her cheeks were red because it was HOT and we both got a little toasty by the end of the play session.