Saturday, July 3, 2010

These tops are licensed for home use only

Rylee's current obsessions - held with the ferocity and transience typical of toddler obsessions - are Dora and Toy Story. So what's a mommy to do but bust out some licensed fabric for her precious?

Behold the Dora top, with another pair of shorts made from the same pattern as her birthday shorts.

The polka dot fabric was supposed to be for a dress someone asked me to make her daughter, but it didn't match the main fabric for that outfit. The perils of online fabric shopping. Lemons into lemonade at the neckline and in the britches.

Woody and Buzz don't have matching bottoms, but we have plenty of shorts to match this peasant top.

Here was her reaction when I showed them both to her and asked her which one she wanted to wear. We have the same problem when she's trying to decide which one to watch. Why not both?

And here's her reaction when she figured out I was taking pictures of her reactions.

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