Saturday, July 10, 2010

An object lesson

Since I was up -  courtesy of my beloved daughter - at 6am on a Saturday I figured I might as well make pancakes. I retrieved all the fixings from the fridge and Rylee asked to see the eggs.

Figuring it's never too early to teach her to cook I opened the eggs and let her carefully examine the four in the carton. She wanted to hold one so I pulled one out and handed it to her, all the while admonishing her to be careful and gentle.

As I was explaining that eggs are fragile and will break if we drop them, the remaining three eggs fell out of the carton and on to the floor.


KID, MD said...

LOL! Ain't it always the way! My kiddos love to help make eggs. I think the egg breaking is their favorite part!

Sister said...

Doh! She must've been proud of her intact one!