Thursday, July 8, 2010

And we thought our babies grew up fast

On June 7th I first noticed our hummingbird mommy sitting on her nest. I had noticed her flitting about a day or so before and I think she laid her eggs right about this time.

On June 24 I took my first peek into the nest and found a little blob already about 3-4 times the size of the egg (or shell) in the nest with it.

Things moved quickly after that. Mommy sat on the nest less frequently, but came by often to feed the baby. I never managed to capture her actually feeding, but here's a picture of her on June 26th.

I did catch a video of the little one giving himself a bath, though, on July 3rd.

And we started seeing a lot of this greedy little mouth sticking up higher and higher (June 29).

Yesterday I noticed he was getting a bit too big for his quarters. Beak and bottom were both sticking out all the time.

Today I noticed him trying his wings a little and I thought it might be The Big Day. But then he snuggled down back into the nest as if perhaps the thought was still too scary.

When I saw him venture out of the nest onto the light I grabbed the camera again.

I watched for awhile as he screwed up his courage. I put the camera away and came back to the window to watch just a little bit more.

And as I was watching, he flew away.

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Sister said...

Aww, almost brings a tear to the eye.