Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wish me luck!

 I'm flying tomorrow from Arizona to Michigan, just mommy and Rylee.

  • Outfits for if the entire trip is warm.
  • Outfits for if the entire trip is cold.
  • A new crayon wallet
  • New Backyardigans matchbox cars (score!)
  • 60 pounds of snacks.
  • Books, books, books.
  • A DVD player and a new Backyardigans DVD, still in the package. Virgin episodes.

Debating packing:
  • Southwest drink coupons

I may or may not blog while I'm there and if so it will be sporadic. So, ta!


Kitschy Coo said...

Beware the battery life of the DVD player... we got one a couple of years ago only to find out it had a three hour battery life. The remaining four hours of our flight was not pretty. I recommend a sticker book too, that takes a long time to do.

Good luck!

KID, MD said...

Have fun!! *crosses fingers that Rylee sleeps*

auntninn said...

Thanks, guys! When I shopped for the DVD player the battery life was top of the list. :) It supposedly has five hours. I'm hoping that's right.

Plus, I packed her absolute MOST favorite book. She'll page through it for 30 minutes in the car. And I didn't let her see it yesterday.

Sister said...

Good luck! Too late for Benadryl, I guess, plus when we used that on a flight to Japan with a 4-yr-old he acted more like an angry drunk than a sleepy child. Live and learn...and drink heavily...

Kym said...

Lucky your not attempting to fly anywhere over europe! You would need a longer battery life than 5hrs! to cope with these delays!! and lots of valium....for you and Rylee!
Have a wonderful trip, and in case you should find yourself at a loose end (As if, with a toddler!) I have tagged you....
'7 things you didnt know about me!'
x K