Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gearing up to survive my flight

Why, what's this pseudo-book looking thing?

It looks like...a new crayon wallet for Rylee!

I thought about doing a tutorial but a) I wanted to finish during naptime which I (barely) did. And b) this was the most half-a*ed bit of sewing I've done in a long time. I didn't use pins or even get out The Good Scissors.  

I think if I do another one I'll move the tab to the other side, too. I didn't want it on the pad side because I was afraid that would be bulky. But I could have oriented it with the crayons on the right and had it close more like a traditional book.

I would also possibly make these two middle pockets deeper, too. I already had some fabric cut in 5x13 rectangles for "regular" crayon rolls. So I was sort of retro-fitting.

Here's hoping it will consume at least 15 minutes when I unveil it during our 5+ hour plane ride on Friday.


Stacey said...

Outstanding! Nice job, Mommy.

KID, MD said...

Way fun!! I like the addition of the middle pocket for more "stuff". Good thinking!

auntninn said...

Thanks you guys!

And Katie - I did browse around Etsy and find elements I liked so that's not an original idea. :) Also, I wanted to use the fabric I had cut and it wasn't deep enough for crayons and the bigger pocket.

Sister said...

Brilliant! Let me know if you know how to make a wallet - my 7yo asked me to sew up the ripped seams in his (it's plastic).

auntninn said...

@Sister, I don't think I can help you there. I TOTALLY winged (wung?) this.

Here's my method for figuring this out. Feel free to copy it for the wallet.

1. Search google and etsy for what you want to make.

2. Poke around looking at pictures, screwing up your face, feeling and looking confused.

3. Make a few gibberishy marks on a paper.

4. Chop out some fabric and start sewing it up.

5. See what happens.

Sister said...

Hey - I can DO that! THanks!