Friday, April 9, 2010

Three reasons to pee your pants from excitement at my house today!

1. I just got tickets for my sister and I to take Rylee and my nephew to see Nick Jr. storytime live when we're visiting Michigan later this month.

2. We have the first ever non-family babysitter coming by tonight. We've had family babysit at the house and took Rylee to a friend's house once, but this is the first time for a "regular" babysitter. Since our families live thousands of miles away you can see we don't get out much. Dinner reservations at 6:15.

3. I was just searching to find out what date in May the next Charlaine Harris book will be released and it's May 4th, just a few weeks away! AND she posted the first chapter. This actually happened in December and for some reason she didn't call me.

And for anyone who's interested, here's the breakdown.

NameNick LiveBabysitterEric the Vampire
EricIndifferentExcitedNot Excited
RyleeExcitedNot ExcitedIndifferent


Sister said...

Congrats on the babysitter - that's big!

Kitschy Coo said...

This is my revised table of how you will feel after all these events:

Nick Jr: harrowed
Babysitter: relieved
Charlaine book: disappointed

That being said, I need to see if it's published here on the same date! Because although I'm not confident it'll be any better than the last one, I still need to read it pronto.

Daisie said...

Oh, I do hope you enjoy dinner. The last time Simon and I had any time without the children I was hugely pregnant with Francesca (about seven years ago...).

auntninn said...

We did have a great time. And I need to revise Rylee's table, too, because she was literally dancing with excitement when the sitter got here. She knows her from childcare at the gym and loves her.

@Amanda - I fear you are right about the vampire book. I've heard it drags which will drive me crazy! But like you I'll need to pounce on it immediately. :)