Friday, April 30, 2010

Wee wildlife can be better than Zoloft

It was a very grumbly day here. Rylee got sick just before we left Michigan and is just starting to feel better. That meant none of our usual activities this week. No gym for me and no Kindermusik, playgroup or Little Gym for her. It makes us both cranky. I'm also having the woe-is-mes because sleep training got set back by travel so she's up several times a night and usually finishes the night in my bed.


Walking past the window today I saw a little quail family having what was certainly one of their very earliest outings. I was hoping to get pictures or video but they hide and camouflage very well. And later when we went outside to play they moved to another part of the yard and the dogs startled them. The video I tried to get of that looks like footage from the Blair Witch Project.

I'll keep trying since I think they're roosting somewhere very close. I did find a blog with pictures that are very close to the ages of the chicks here although our little family doesn't have any head tufts yet.

It's hard to tell how big they are from the photo. But if you imagine the wood chips in the above photo as the fallen trunks of giant sequoias then the cuteness is to scale.


KID, MD said...


Kitschy Coo said...

Aww :) Hope you get things back on track soon x

Sister said...

So cute! Much cuter than the 3 turtles on our front sidewalk today, though I thought about posting a picture of them because there was a daddy, momma, and wittle baby. Nature's cool!