Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everyone on Etsy is cooler than I am

But I'm starting to be ok with that.

So rather than trying to come up with some great, creative idea on my own. The kind that comes from a mommy who just oozes domestic prowess and who hums along with sweet, chirping song birds while kneading sprouted grain bread in a sparkling clean kitchen and sews perfect, cute clothing from patterns she drafts herself... You know, that kind of idea?

Instead of doing that I'm going to go ahead and shell out the $6 and buy this pattern because how awesome would this be for Rylee's birthday?

And maybe 50 other things from her shop because dang, lady. Rock and roll!


Mooreganics said...

Oh that is so worth the $6! Totally adorable!

auntninn said...

Isn't it fantastic? I hope I'm up to it, because I've never done that kind of felt work before. I got the matching tea cakes pattern, too. I've been wanting some more "natural" toys for her for awhile.

KID, MD said...

So! Cute! Seriously, I really don't think those etsy ladies sleep. I like to think that they can't really have time to clean, so they must have dirty houses. I have to believe it.

Kitschy Coo said...

They're robots. That's the only explanation.

Cute pattern!

Kym said...

Very cute pattern. I made Roo a similar set using a pattern from a book, but this is way cuter, loving the tea-bags.
I love making felt toys because It often involves lots of hand sewing, not that mine is that good! but it can be done in front of the T.V,.....
Sewing whilst watching True Blood = Good times!
x K

auntninn said...

@Kym - I know, right? I told my husband I was excited about the front-of-the-tv aspect. And there are so many cute patterns I was about wetting my pants browsing around.

@Amanda - be careful! You're one of those cool people on etsy that I wonder about. :) And I love your new etsy banner, btw!