Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This goes down in my house a few times a month

We have two golden retrievers, a female named Gala and a male named Marc Anthony.  We call Gala our nanny dog, because she's always taken care of all of us as best as she can without thumbs. Sometimes when something terrible happens to Rylee - getting her milk in the wrong cup for example, as happened in the video - it makes Gala very, very sad. She will come from anywhere in the house to be sad near Rylee, as you see her in the video. Sometimes this will make Marc Anthony sad. And the result is funny and sad, in proportion to the amount of sleep I've had.

As a bonus you can hear the best Christmas album ever at the beginning before the family starts in. Enjoy!


Kitschy Coo said...

That would probably drive me crazy :) Yay for goldens though, my favourite dogs!

auntninn said...

I was really hoping to catch the part where Rylee starts to think it's funny and switches to howling. It makes it more funny and less crazy.

And goldens rule!

Sister said...

That is totally America's Funniest Home Videos-worthy! Have you sent that in yet? Why not?! I have a Golden Labrador mix and he just stared at this with his head cocked, not even growling - and usually if he sees an animal on the computer he goes nuts. He must've realized how depressed those dogs were at that moment. It sounds like coyotes in the desert - eerie!