Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm thinking, more and more, about maybe, possibly, could-be-willing-for-the-right-thing, going back to work.

Here's how that's shaking out:

Angsty posts to Facebook about applying for a job: 1
Supportive comments from friends saying GO FOR IT: 28
Days since I applied to the first job: 2
Number of times Amazon has contacted me about a job in  Seattle: 2
Number of times the company I applied to has contacted me: 0
Day care facilities I've contacted as part of my process: 2
Number of times I cried watching a virtual tour of a day care: 1
Number of times I've changed what I think I want: 387478329783474938283744389
How many minutes since I applied to a second place: 5

Don't know what I'm hoping, but here's hoping!

1 comment:

Sister said...

Oh, good luck with it! I remember touring one daycare where a little boy was sleeping and they said he got dropped off at 6:30 am and picked up around 5 pm (his mom was a nurse). I was so depressed. But your hours will NOT be that bad and she'll enjoy meeting new people (eventually). You are NOT a bad mother for thinking about going back to work! (If I'm a little emphatic here, it's because I'm trying to reinforce myself - I got caught in a long line at the fabric store near carpool time and then got paged by a hospital while the kids were getting in the car, etc.)