Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scotty dog plaid in peek-a-boo pleats

Rylee foiled my plans to reuse a lot of last winter's wardrobe, purchased a bit large, by having a growth spurt over the last few months. I recently inventoried her warm weather clothing and came up with several pieces that still fit, but precious few outfits.

Being a crazy, anal-retentive, list-making psycho prudent shopper, I made up a list of everything she has that still fits and what she needs to match it.  I then cross referenced this against my stash, my patterns and my lusty sewing dreams and came up with a pretty big project to get her outfitted for the winter with minimal outlays of cash.

Here's how the first one of those projects shaped up.

Had this shirt which should still fit this winter:

Had these in my stash. The dogs from an impulse purchase last year and yards and yards of the black for making boys bowling shirts:

Found this on Etsy. And after purchasing it even saw the same style skirt on Peggy of Mad Men wardrobe lusciousness.

And had this today:

I'm planning to add black quilted buttons to the top of the pleats. Those need to be purchased and coupon commotion starts tomorrow.


Katie said...

So glad you liked the pattern, and the skirt turned out so cute! I love the scotty dog combination with the plaid. :)
~Katie (from the Etsy shop)

Sister said...

You so totally rock! That is awesome planning and a killer skirt!