Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End radio silence. Ask a bunch of questions. Resume radio silence.

First question. Is there anything cuter than this?

Wait. Before you answer, look at this.

Eric won tickets to Sesame Street Live and Rylee and I went last night for a girls' night out with some BFFs. I didn't make an Easter dress for Rylee this year so I would have time to make matching Elmo groupie outfits. It's about priorities.

The top is a simple pillowcase shirt made from a yellow poly-blend knit with the cuteness pumped up by a lettuce edge.

I got the Elmo applique pattern from this Etsy seller and you should go buy many appliques from her because they are adorable and easy to make AND she lets people sell things made from her patterns. Skill and generosity should be rewarded.

The skirt is my third attempt at a Kitschy Coo pettiskirt and this time I used some stretch mesh based on Amanda's suggestion. Less puffy, more swirly. Observe.

I only used three layers of mesh with a satin underskirt because I could only scrape up 2 yards and a few inches of the wonderful stuff. Three layers was plenty and allowed me to make two skirts. The Sesame Street Live motto is GO BFF MATCHY OR GO HOME.

A few more questions, inspired by this picture.

Q. Are you really that excited to see Elmo's Healthy Heroes?
A. No.  But it was actually pretty cute. Lots of showtunes and other adult references to keep it tolerable.

Q. Since there was only one camera taking your picture, where are you looking if not in the lens?
A. No idea. I didn't even have a margarita at dinner!

Q. How much sunscreen are you wearing at the pool these days?
A. Not enough, apparently.

It was fun and the girls had a blast. And seeing them swish around like manic muppet twins was worth gathering more yards of mesh than I care to contemplate.

Now about that radio silence. In late February I actually got a short-term contract and spent some time Working For The Man. No time for blogging or even sewing, and since I was doing a lot of writing there weren't any excess words for blogging even when time allowed. I'm hoping (and they indicated) that they'll have me back on a semi-regular basis so I think I'm hanging up the keyboard here. Thanks to everyone who spared a moment to read my ramblings when I was going toddler-mommy stir crazy. You can find me on Facebook with my handle (auntninn) attached to an email account at gmail.